I want to acknowledge a special thanks to Matt and company for coming through for us to get this done and approved by the City.

Bert Vanderwal FMA

Meeting Time and Budget Constraints
“Steric Design and General Contracting met and exceeded our expectations for on time and on budget performance. Very efficient and flawless work!”

Professionalism and Accuracy
"Matt help bring a few of our design projects to life and I always felt that he totally understood and respected the design intention and placed all of his and his team's efforts into making it a reality"

Taras Iwanycki•Managing Principal LODA Design

Service Diversity and Experience
"Matt is the right contractor to choose for any job, big or small. Very professional with excellent attention to detail, Matt has "been around the block a few times". Matt walks the walk and talks the talk. Matt is the proven choice for your contracting needs."

Paul G. Tymchuk, CMA

Design Capability
“I was impressed by Steric Design and General Contracting’s ability to translate my retail business vision into physical reality with all the bells and whistles. They knew about commercial fit ups and helped me avoid several costly design mistakes.”

Renovation without Disruption
“Thank you to Matt and the team from Steric Design and General Contracting for their skills at renewing and renovating my leasehold while we maintained a sufficient level of continuous operation. Efficiency, customer consideration and unobtrusive presence marked their work. I could not be more grateful.”

Retail Store Work
Matt, thanks for the store. I know it wasn’t a large project, however in over 20 years of retail work I have encountered many challenges dealing with reno’s and I really appreciate it when someone delivers and is easy to work with. Don’t retire anytime soon, I’ll have more work for you.

Cory Broadhurst, Coats Co

Renovation- Quick and efficient
“Thank you VERY much for fixing the wall. You guys are so efficient.
I am so glad I chose you and your team to do the renovation.
I am impressed with the great work you and your team did. I have no words to express my gratitude.
Please tell your team that we are very pleased and thankful.
I will let you know when we will open the store. We will be very happy to serve you guys."

Best, Ana