When a business or store owner wants to have a stand alone building designed and built for their emerging company, they want to have innovation and creativity merged with cost and building time effectiveness. Working with one company to bring all the elements of their vision for their storefront image facilitates getting to Grand Opening Day. Instead of having to work with multiple entities, going to a Design-builder brings everyone to the table at the same time.

Design-build saves you both time and money by bringing all the design and construction project managers together to work on your project. No more go-betweens and bidding by contractors who don’t foresee the same end-result as the designer. You deal with all the responsible members of the team together; problems are resolved easily and costs kept to a minimum.

Steric Design and General Contracting (SDGC Inc.) have more than 30 years of experience working on large commercial retail and office buildings including meeting franchise specifications. Company founder and master carpenter, Matt Ilott has joined forces with architect, Chris Deimling to branch out into a new Design-Build branch of Steric. They bring years of service and expertise in all facets of taking a design from paper to opening day, working with engineers, construction professionals and electricians to bring your business’ building to fruition. Your new building project is in good hands with Steric.

Design Build - Steric Design and Construction